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Mon-04/Jan/2021 - 7:29:51 AM

This is PHP package repository mirror site.

If you're using PHP Composer, commands like create-project, require, update, remove are often used. When those commands are executed, Composer will download information from the packages that are needed from dependent packages. The number of json files downloaded depends on the complexity of the packages being used. The further you are from the location of the server, the more time is needed to download the json files. By using this mirror, it will help save the time for downloading because the server location is closer.

Run the below command to modify the PHP Composer configuration to use this mirror as the default Composer repository.

$ composer config -g repos.packagist composer

$ composer config -g --unset repos.packagist


This site only provides package information / metadata, and no actual distribution file of the packages, free of charge and as a mirror. All packages metadata files are mirrored from In case of an error, please disable the mirror by running the command above for disabling, and refer to the original

Built from India by Varun Sridharan.